Anyone who has ever created anything has dared to fail. The greater the endeavour, the greater the risk. Those who succeed have dared more, failed more and learnt more. I love the sentiment of Samuel Becket when he said:

 “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” 

There are two ways to learn:

– go out and do it yourself, and

– learn from others.

I don’t like recipe books or instruction manuals. Ignoring them has in the main not resulted in disaster, but every once in a while, …ahhg … ! I have the scars and bruises from just doing it – but have had enough successes to persist. Perhaps I fit into Einstein’s model of insanity:

“Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

When disaster struck, or when things took too long – I would pick apart the problem. Again and again I found that there were lessons out there that could have helped – if only … . No matter how crazy, or innovative, or wacky my idea, there was always something I could have used. How much time, energy and emotion could I have saved if I had just tapped into that reservoir of experiences and knowledge?

As I watch my kids grow up, I, like so many parents before, try and impart what knowledge I can to equip them. I want them to make new mistakes and avoid those that cost me dearly. I want them to be smarter than me in how they do what they choose to do. I also have the pleasure of mentoring young professionals giving them the questions they need to ask themselves as they seek their path and build their skills and capabilities.

The last decade has been spent collecting and sharing wisdom. I have had the privilege of working with great thinkers, sensational presenters and inspirational teachers. I sat and watched and absorbed. Now wherever possible I share and pass on their genius to others.

This blog is about sharing ideas that work. To pass forward what has worked for me and others in building and creating, and in small and large ways, making the world a little better.

Why Steve Jobs?

Building Apple into the most valuable corporation in the world required a breadth of skills that are worthy of study. Steve did great things  – impossible things and so have others. Steve is just the starting point for the themes that confront us every day:

  • fear of failure
  • making difficult decisions
  • innovating and reinventing ourselves and our organisations
  • building fanatical customer loyalty
  • generating excellence
  • presenting, communicating and engaging

These and more will be the subject of this blog. In these difficult times it is easy for people to turn inwards, defending what they have. To the leaders in government and in industry, I encourage you to think different. The dure for the world is not cost cutting. The cure is to innovate our way out of the mess.

We must remember that:

Boldness has genius power and magic.

I look forward to your comments and questions.


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